ISADS 2015 Keynote 1

IOT and Situated Computing
Yu-Chee Tseng
Dean, College of Computer Science, National Chiao-Tung University, Taiwan
IEEE Fellow


ISADS 2015 Keynote 2

What Is the Big Idea behind Big Data?
Lionel M. Ni
Vice Rector, University of Macau, China

Big data is a hot topic but it is still full of “mysteries”. Few of us realize its multiple applications to various domains of human endeavor, from business to science and engineering, and from social service to public security. We should get to know it and embrace it for all its power. I will explain what distinguishes Big Data from data, and how Big Data can change our way of thinking and even new technology itself. Realization of Big Data requires the tight coupling of ideas, data and technology, from which we can harvest deep insight and great value from Big Data. By using many real examples from my research team, I will give the audience a glimpse of the great promise of Big Data. Finally, I will address what governments should do to harness the super-abundant opportunities in the Big Data era.


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